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Raise a Smile is a childrens charity that supports vulnerable children and orphans in Zambia. Our main focus is on education as it is the most powerful weapon in the fight against oppression and poverty.

Latest Raise a Smile News

Raise a Smile sponsored pupils

Pupil sponsorship scheme continues to grow!

Raise a Smile has always supported bright pupils to achieve their potential through our school fee sponsorship scheme. We started with our first 2 pupils back in 2009, and the numbers have increased gradually over the years until today, when we currently support 30 pupils...



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Raise a Smile literacy teacher training

Literacy Training for teachers!

Raise a Smile is working with the Mambwe District Ministry of Education to host a series of literacy training days for teachers in Mambwe District. Literacy is the foundation of education yet in rural areas of Zambia one in four men and half of all women are illiterate...



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Raise a Smile STAARS literacy manual

STAARS: Literacy in Chinyanja!

Raise a Smile has launched STAARS, a series of manuals and guides to help improve teaching in rural schools. The first manual, which has been completed the with assistance of the Ministry of Education in Mambwe, is a resource manual for literacy in the local language of Chinyanja...



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Raise a Smile world malaria day

World Malaria Day 2015!

April the 25th will see the whole world commemorating "World Malaria Day" and we are delighted to announce that Raise a Smile will be too! We are hosting the Mambwe District Commemoration of World Malaria Day 2015, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health...



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Raise a Smile radio drama about malaria

Raise a Smile Talks Malaria!

Raise a Smile is launching something new and exciting, because starting on Saturday (31st January 2015) we will be taking to the airwaves with the first of a three part radio series about malaria...



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Raise a Smile Partners

wellness mit aloha spirit sponsor raise a smile

Physio am Brill (physiotherapy practice in Wuppertal, Germany) supports the educational work of Raise a Smile.

Jenseits von Millionen sponsors Raise a Smiles projects in Zambia

Jenseits von Millionen Music Festival donates €2 from every ticket sold!

M4 Models supports Raise a Smile with a monthly donation

m4 models management GmbH has supported Raise a Smile since a few years.

Visit our Partners page to find out more.

Raise a Smile Blog!

Raise a Smile Blog - African Adventures
Two of Raise a Smile's founding members (Esther and Gray) give a personal view on their work with the Muzanga Education Project, Raise a Smile and everything you could ever want to know about life in Zambia!

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