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A Mobile School for Rural Zambia!

Muzanga Education Project

In Zambia you are 3 times more likely to have never attended school if you live in a rural area compared to a city¹. We believe that where you are born should not decide whether you have access to education or not. Which is why Raise a Smile is funding the "Muzanga Education Project", a mobile school for children and rural communities...

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Latest Raise a Smile News

Raise a Smile world malaria day

World Malaria Day 2015!

April the 25th will see the whole world commemorating "World Malaria Day" and we are delighted to announce that Raise a Smile will be too! We are hosting the Mambwe District Commemoration of World Malaria Day 2015, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health...



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Raise a Smile radio drama about malaria

Raise a Smile Talks Malaria!

Raise a Smile is launching something new and exciting, because starting on Saturday (31st January 2015) we will be taking to the airwaves with the first of a three part radio series about malaria...



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Raise a Smile animation of handwashing

Raise a Smile Hand Washing Animation!

While health interventions for HIV/AIDS or Malaria are widespread and considered important by the general population, handwashing is still a massively overlooked, yet essential hygiene issue...



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Raise a Smile music festival fights malaria in Zambia

Music Against Malaria!

Raise a Smile has been selected to work with the Jenseits von Millionen music festival for the third year running! This year the donations will be going towards malaria prevention workshops...



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Raise a Smile literacy programme, spreading education in rural Zambia

Literacy Programme Begins!

We are delighted to announce that the Raise a Smile literacy programme is underway. The programme, which is part of the Muzanga Education Project, will teach children in rural Zambia basic reading and writing...



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Raise a Smile Partners

wellness mit aloha spirit sponsor raise a smile

Physio am Brill (physiotherapy practice in Wuppertal, Germany) supports the educational work of Raise a Smile.

Singer109 Hostel in Berlin, Raise a Smile Partner

The Singer109 Hostel in Berlin supports the Muzanga Education Project.

wellness mit aloha spirit sponsor raise a smile

Wellness mit Aloha Spirit beauty salon in Nürnberg, Germany.

Jenseits von Millionen sponsors Raise a Smiles projects in Zambia

Jenseits von Millionen Music Festival donates €2 from every ticket sold!

posh and bakes cupcakes support raise a smile with every cupcake sold

Posh and Bakes Cupcakes donate 10% of all sales to Raise a Smile.

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Raise a Smile Blog!

Raise a Smile Blog - African Adventures
Two of Raise a Smile's founding members (Esther and Gray) give a personal view on their work with the Muzanga Education Project, Raise a Smile and everything you could ever want to know about life in Zambia!

Click here for the Raise a Smile blog!

¹ Zambia Demographic and Health Survey 2007

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