Raise a Smile - school pupil drawing during literacy education

Raise a Smile News

12.09.2016 Literacy Training Complete

After months of hard work our STAARS Literacy capacity building meetings are finally complete!

Since the beginning of 2016 we have been working hand in hand with the Mambwe District Ministry of Education to train teachers in early literacy in the local language of Chinyanja. The district wide literacy programme has seen us travel to every zone in the district reaching all kinds of different schools. We have trained teachers from community run schools, government schools, schools with classes of over 100 pupils, others with only two teachers for the whole school and even some which are cut off for several months every year due to seasonal rivers!

the Raise a Smile literacy programme in numbers

The Raise a Smile Literacy Programme in numbers.

Our programme was created with the aim of giving solutions to the challenges of teaching in a remote location. Teachers learnt how to make their own literacy teaching aids with locally available materials and how to deal with all the challenges that rural schools have to face, such as large class sizes.

We shall eagerly await the end of year literacy results to see the impact that our programme has made in the district!