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25.04.2018 The joy of reading

Reading is the foundation of every education. One of the greatest things to see is when children go through the process of learning to read; taking this big step that opens the world of books for them. Books full of knowledge, great stories and role models to look up to. We all probably remember being so excited by a storyline that we forgot everything around us. The times that we spend with our eyes stuck to the pages, following the heroes of our favourite stories succeeding in their quests in countries far away! All this is possible with the ability to read - and the access of books.

In rural Zambia books are scarce. A huge number of children will never hold a book unless they get the possibility to do so at school. That is why Raise a Smile runs libraries as part of our literacy programme, for example at Chiutika Primary School. After the building of the library to be collapsed during renovations we had to rebuild it from scratch, where we got financial help from Sarah's charity.

School library

Pupils learning to read at the new Raise a Smile library at Chiutika School.

Now full of books due to your donations the Raise a Smile staff also holds daily reading lessons for all the pupils of grade 1 - grade 4. Most rural schools in Zambia are chronically overcrowded and lack resources. Many children even leave school without being able to properly read. That's why these extra lessons are so important for the education and future of the children.

All this is possible because of you and your ongoing support. If you want to know more about the latest news of the literacy project, you can go on our facebook page.