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21.07.2019 The Ladies of the Baobab Craft Shop!

We are used to planning. There is always something that needs planning and in rural Zambia there is also always something unexpected that makes you sit down and plan again! Sometimes things happen that we didn't plan and turn out to be truly amazing!

Our libraries provide 2800 pupils with access to books. On top of that we also offer adult literacy classes for the parents, because many of them struggle with reading and writing, too. Especially the mothers!

A while ago in our adult literacy class with a group of ladies, one of our literacy assistants read the children's book "One Hen". The book was inspired by the true story of a successful Ghanaian business men, who worked himself all the way up to the top - starting only with one hen.

Fast forward a few weeks and our literacy assistant is standing in our office telling us proudly that the mums got so inspired by the story, she went and organized microcredits for them in the nearby town. But now they're not sure, which business would be best to start. The head of the Zambian office Jenny got instantly excited and helped the mums set up a sewing project. The nearby National Park offers a great opportunity to produce traditional souvenirs for tourists to take back home. In the meantime, we also managed to build a little shop to give the women a proper place to sell their products. The shop now provides 23 women with an important and steady small income, so they can support their families and be financially independent.

Raise a Smile helped set up the baobab craft shop

The ladies of the Baobab Craft Shop.

All of this was possible because of a children's book in one of our libraries. The library is one we managed to build because our donors share our passion for education.

We are blown away, because sometimes unplanned developments lead to something truly special!

Keep going, ladies! And thanks to all our supporters!