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14.11.2019 The Reading Continues!

If you have been following our work, you know that we have a special part in our hearts for literacy. Few things are as gratifying as seeing a child go through the process from not knowing what the letters on a page mean to understanding a whole story. The opportunities in this world are out there, but they will be very limited, if we can't read them.

That's why our literacy programme is steadily expanding. We are proud that with the help of our donors our libraries currently offer 2800 pupils in rural Zambia the access to books.

literacy for adults and school students

Students and parents learning to read and write.

On top of that we provide a special reading programme with daily activities for 800 pupils to help them become competent readers. For this we employ 12 wonderful reading assistants that we specially trained for the task. The demand for adult literacy classes in rural areas is high, especially for women. A nationwide studyı from 2014 found that the literacy rate for all women in rural areas in Zambia is only 54%. Therefore, we have integrated adult literacy classes as an important part of our work.

The schools in rural Zambia are often overcrowded. So even when children do attend school, this does not guarantee they will become literate. With limited access to books children also don't get the necessary practice. Through our daily literacy activities and the libraries, we give all pupils in our programme the chance to become literate.

If you want to help us with this important work, please leave a donation on our donate page.

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